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How To Get Clients That Need To Sell Their House Fast

Creative Real Estate Investment Companies Need More Ways To Get The Right Clients - Here's How.

Getting clients in the industry that helps people sell their homes fast is a little tricky. Reason being is that most people don't need to sell their houses fast. Most people just want to sell their houses for the best possible price - getting the most out of their investment. So the key here, is to target people that are in distressed situations. People in distressed situations will be in predicaments that they need to get out of as soon as possible. Targeting these people can be done in 2 ways: 

  1. Shotgun marketing methods
  2. Direct targeted marketing

Shotgun Marketing

Talking about the 1st one, shotgun marketing methods, may mislead a lot of people - so I'm going to try and be as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Shotgun marketing methods include anything that literally blasts to a large amount of non-targeted people at the same time. And by simply hitting large amounts of people at one time, allows for you to play in a numbers game as opposed to super strategic game. You can always blast 10,000 people for any product or service, and expect some sales, this goes for any industry. The problem with this method is that it's expensive. The pros for this shotgun approach is that you can do this over and over again and not spend time curating leads and filtering prospects.

Putting up bandit signs on local roads in the neighborhoods you want to buy houses in is a great form of shotgun marketing in this industry. It's great because everyone has to travel, and a lot of people will be passing by your signs. If someone sees your sign and they know someone that needs their house bought, they'll send them your phone number. It's also likely that some of the people that see your sign will need your service. You may remind someone of their stress, and they may just at that point pull the trigger and make a decision due to your ad. 

Bandit signs are also a little tricky. Usually, the city has people on regular look out for ads like bandit signs and telephone poles with fliers and they take them down; some of them get taken down as soon as they're put up! So you need to be spending lots of money on getting new bandit signs coming in every single week. You also have to pay someone to put them up on a weekly basis.

Direct Marketing

Now for the direct marketing approach. This method can also be costly, but more so on the lead generation and filtering side. You will spend much more time filtering people in and out of your list. The direct sales approach ends up costing less money, but it is technically more costly per impression than shotgun approaches. When you have a nice list of highly targeted people that are in need of your services, you have to make the best first impression. Usually this means sending them a gift, giving them free value up front, or spending good money on great fliers or great looking postcards on premium paper. 

A good trick is to create artwork on the actual envelopes. You can also use premium packaging to make it seem like they're getting a gift. These little tricks will make the person receiving the letters or postcards very very likely to open the packages or envelopes.

These are 2 great ways to target people that need to sell their home fast. Now all you have to do is strategize based on your budget and goals. If you have a lot of resources, (money and people working for you) bandit signs and even billboards are the way to go. If you lack the money and people as resources, you can instead filter lists yourself and then send direct mail to these individuals. You can also re-target these same people on Facebook using Facebook Advertising to increase impressions. 

Asker: Sin City Home Buyers

Sin City Home Buyers is a company that sells houses fast in Las Vegas, NV. They specialize in buying houses from people in any condition in Las Vegas within 7 days. They asked us this question regarding getting more clients, and so we answered. Submit your own questions to us to be responded to in our next article! Get to know Sin City Home Buyers progress by checking out their website here:

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How To Grow A Local Service Based Music Instruction Studio

A Basic Rundown on How to Grow a Musical Instruction Company & Other Businesses Like It.

One of our subscribers is a music lessons studio that would like to get more weekly session sign ups and ultimately, grow his business to take on 80 additional recurring customers. 

The first thing I want to get into, is telling all you readers out there, that a lot of what we're gonna go over in this post (and future posts to come) can be applied to your business. Even though you don't have the same type of business we're going over now, you'll still be able to extract massive value from our tips, especially if you take action on our suggestions.

Having a local business that's service-based is like having a cash machine that needs oiling and consistent lubricating. What I mean is, you need to be constantly making sure everything is flowing correctly in your business at all times. A big part of doing this comes from having a set of processes and systems already set up to allow for your business to run like a true money machine. One over-looked piece will make your company work as if it's a hose with a hole in it. It'll seem like it's flowing properly and can take on as much water as is put into it. But that won't be the case and you'll never know it. Having a hole in the hose will cause you damage in your reputation. The hole represents your leaky flow in processes and systems. If you don't have a system and you only have a person that is key to a specific process, there's your hole. Any time there's a person that is necessary to making a business run smoothly means that business has a bottle neck and can't grow to max capacity. 

So, Mr. Music Lessons Guy - Do you operate your business this way to begin with to be able to take on the 80 additional clients per month? If so, excellent let's continue; if not, address this now - before moving onto our next steps.

Having a Fool-proof Marketing Plan

If you don't have a great marketing plan set for your businesses future, you may as well not be in business for yourself. Without marketing correctly, you'll be forced to have things handed to you, if they ever come, without knowing how to scale and how to successfully get customers without just waiting for them to come to you.

Unlike the notion we all like to believe is the case in business, if you build it, they will NOT come. You must market your business to be in front of the ideal customers you'd like to reach. For a music studio that teaches people how to play the piano and guitar, You're going to want to run some ads. Starting with Facebook ads for this type of business is a good idea, but there's nothing like doing some search engine optimization that will get the site to be in front of people searching for the services. All-in-all, get your marketing plan together and execute.

Once the processes and the marketing is set up, you need to start experimenting. If you have the budget, with just optimizing your site to come up when people search for "music lessons near me" or anything similar, will bring you business like no other method. The problem is that it's expensive. The need for new customers should surpass the expense if you do have the budget to pay for this kind of service from a professional.

Making ads will help as well. I'd strongly suggest going to elementary schools and sponsoring all their teams and having your logo on their uniforms. It will help an absolute ton in smaller cities and even bigger ones. This will draw in brand recognition from parents that are wanting to give their child music lessons or at least get their kids to do some extra curricular activities. Doing this will help you understand if kids parents are actually your target that's worth spending money on. Then you can target families and write ad copy based on the parents being the people to appeal to your ads.

Asker: Music Lessons Las Vegas

Music Lessons Las Vegas is the company that asked the question for how to grow a local music instruction studio from scratch. They asked, and so we answered. Submit your questions and we'll answer them as fast as they come in! Get to know the askers progress by checking out their website here:

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Growing a Marketing & SEO Company in Las Vegas, NV

How to do Marketing for a Marketing and SEO Company

Las Vegas, NV is a newer and up and coming major city in the United States. With the rate it's growing at right now, people are projecting there to be many many more businesses to open up in the coming years.

Billions of dollars every year are being pulled from taxes in Las Vegas alone and that number is on the rise. Growing a business in Las Vegas is no easy task. Especially because competitors are opening up month after month to be in direct competition with you. Depending on your industry, things can be easier or harder. It's not fun to talk about the easy ones, so let's go ahead and talk about the hard ones. Marketing agencies are among some of the hardest to compete with. 

SEO and Online Marketing Agencies

These types of companies are ones that have to totally fend for themselves. They can't just go out and hire another marketing company to do their own marketing. If you own a marketing or SEO company, you need to be able to split test with your own funds in order to find the best way of getting more customers in Las Vegas. There's a company that does great Las Vegas SEO and they need to be recognized for their passion and hard work. They've asked this question not only for themselves but also for other agencies out there that need the advice. They've figured out how to gain clients from what seems to be "thin air"; but it's really just from defining the client they want, then going after that specific type of client.

The tips we can give to marketing agencies in Las Vegas is the overall focus on marketing on their own brand. To focus on your own brand instead of just your clients' brand is a hard task. It's easy to get caught up giving your clients the results they need and never getting around to your own marketing. 

Split testing is something agencies need to spend the time and money doing. And this is what makes it really hard for a marketer to grow their business in Las Vegas. Most people don't even think of spending their own money to split test ways of getting their own customers. All they usually think about is split testing for their clients. This isn't something that can be happening if you want to grow your Las Vegas business. 

General Marketing Agencies

Old fashioned marketing agencies that usually focus on print advertising, commercials on radio and TV as well as bill boards; are still getting lots of business from new companies that start up in Las Vegas and have a great investor to be able to afford the mass media buying. For others, it's not so great. A study shows that 9 out of 10 old school marketing agencies will choose not to convert to digital practices or add on services. 1 of 10 will and the other 9 will be left in the dust. 

This means in order for a general marketing agency to survive in 2019, they will have to learn digital methods of delivering their services. If they don't they'll lose. So making this a priority is your priority. If you have done so already and still need marketing tactics; send a mass email to all past clients that mentions how you've taken the massive step forward by training all your employees to learn the new ways of marketing. And since they were a loyal client, offer them a special discount on services that no one else has access to. This should get at least a few going back under your company as well as gain revenue to spend on ads for your agency. Target new businesses as your specific type of agency can help smaller and newer businesses most due to resources and cost of service.

Asker: Digital Dynasty

Digital Dynasty is a Las Vegas SEO Company that focuses on revenue and generating profitable results for their clients. They asked, and so we answered. Submit your questions and we'll answer them as fast as they come in! Get to know the askers progress by checking out their website here:

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